Blom Beats Negreanu In SuperStar Showdown

Viktor 'Isildur1' BlomOn Sunday, Negreanu took on Isildur1 in a super hero edition of the SuperStar Showdown. The rules for the challenge were the same, Isildur1 and Negreanu were to play 2,500 hands of $50/$100 NLHE over four tables.

Negreanu was clearly taking this challenge against Blom, one of the best heads-up NLHE players in the world, very seriously. He put in some serious volume on PokerStars against some very tough opponents in preparation for the SuperStar Showdown. However, unfortunately for Negreanu, the $150,000 challenge bankroll was gone after just 1,439 hands, and it was to be the first SuperStar Showdown heads-up match to finish before the 2,500 hand prerequisite.

Only nine minutes into the match, Negreanu called a shove from Blom. The hand played out when Blom opened to $300 and Negreanu replied with a three-bet to $1,000. When the flop came down K-4-4 flop Negreanu led out for $1,200 and Blom called. Both players checked the Ts on the turn. When the 6h came on the river, Negreanu bet $3,100, but Blom moved all-in for $9,600 more. Negreanu made the call with K-Q and although they were good on the turn, Blom hit a miracle two-outer on the river with sixes full to take down the huge $20,400 pot.

After around 30 minutes into the match, Negreanu seemed to find his stride. He began to win a lot of small pots and managed to cut his deficit in half. In one hand he even used the river overbet against Blom. It didn’t work out for him as planned in that hand, but undeterred, Negreanu made another bluff attempt only a few minutes later on the same table, this time with only king-high but Blom called him down with A-J for top pair and raked in the $15,900 pot, increasing his lead to $40,450 at that point.

With 707 hands played, Blom was already sitting with over half of Negreanu’s challenge bankroll. Could things get any worse? You bet! Negreanu hit a jack-high flush on the turn in a $21,400 pot only to see Blom hit the nut flush.

After 900 hands, Blom was already up $104,350 when this key pot took place. Blom made a standard open to $300 with 6h-8h and Negreanu three-bet to $1,000 with Ad-Kd. The flop came down Kh-Qs-3h giving Negreanu top pair while Blom picked up decent equity with a flush draw. Negreanu led out with a $1,200 bet which Blom called. The Th on the turn didn’t slow down Negreanu, and he fired another $3,100 bet. Blom then shoved for $39,300 with his made flush, and Negreanu ended up calling the $7,250 he had left behind only to discover he was drawing dead.

On Table 6, Blom won the last of Negreanu’s stack when he picked up aces. Blom decided to three-bet with his rockets and Negreanu called with 5s-6s. The 4h-7c-4d flop gave Negreanu an open-ended straight draw and he decided to go with it, calling Blom who moved all-in. The Qd on the turn wasn’t what Negreanu wanted, neither was the 7h on the river, and suddenly the action was now down to two tables.

After 1,306 hands, Negreanu was left playing with only $15,595 of his challenge bankroll, which he grinded for another 132 hands. However, when down to around $10k, Negreanu three-bet Ks-Jc in the big blind and Blom shoved. “Meh. Let’s gamble, I guess” Negreanu said as he made the call. Blom revealed Ac-Kh which saw Negreanu dominated. But a jack in the door gave Negreanu top pair, and before the railbirds in the chatbox could say “woooooot” the Qc came on the turn to give Blom the Broadway straight. The 4d on the river didn’t change anything, and after 1,439 hands, Blom had won Negreanu’s $150,000 challenge bankroll.