Blom beats DodgyFish72 in SuperStar Showdown

Viktor 'Isildur1' BlomOn Sunday, an online qualifier, Hungary’s Attila “DodgyFish72” Gulcsik played against Viktor “Isildur1” Blom in a special edition of the SuperStar Showdown.

The format of the SuperStar Showdown was the same. There would be 2,500 hands of heads-up NLHE played at four tables, with the blinds at $5/$10 instead of $50/$100.

Gulcsik was staked $15,000 for the challenge and he would get to keep anything left of the bankroll at the end of the session plus any profits. There was also a $10,000 bonus if either player was to win their opponent’s entire $15k.

Gulcsik started the heads up match strongly, doubling up twice within the first twenty minutes. But after about the 500-hand mark, Blom caught the first wave of run-good.

Gulcsik opened for $20 with Jd-9d, Blom three-bet to $80 with Ah-6d and Gulcsik called. The flop came down Jh-5h-2s. Blom lead out with a $100 bet and Gulcsik flat called. On the turn, the Ac fell giving Blom the advantage. Blom bet $220 and Gulcsik called. The 6s on the river made Blom aces up and he got maximum value for the hand, with Gulcsik calling the all-in for $745 more.

After two hours, things became increasingly worse for Gulcsik. Gulcsik opened for $20 with Qh-8h, Blom three-bet to $80 with Ac-Kc, and then out of frustration Gulcsik four-bet for $230, but Blom just called. The flop came down Tc-3d-2d. Blom check-called Gulcsik’s continuation bet for $240. The turn was the 2c, and Blom checked his nut flush draw, but Gulcsik decided to check behind. The Qc on the river gave Blom the nut flush and Gulcsik made top pair. Blom overbet the river, moving all-in for $3,115 and Gulcsik called off the $1,385 remaining in his stack. After winning that pot, Blom was up by $10,768.

Gulcsik was desperate get himself unstuck. Over the next 15 minutes the momentum changed somewhat and in one hand, Gulcsik four-bet his pocket jacks and Blom called with 4d-5d. The flop came down 8s-5h-3d and Blom check-raised the flop for $670. Gulcsik three-bet shoved to $1,800 and Blom only had to call another $140 to see his opponent’s cards. The jacks held up and Blom’s overall lead was now $6,076 after 1,367 hands.

Then Gulcsik received a bit more luck picking up pocket aces which he decided to five-bet pre-flop. Blom called with Ks-9s and hit trips on a Kh-Ks-3s board. Gulcsik check-called Blom’s $560 flop bet. The Ah came on the turn to give him a full house. Gulcsik checked and got Blom to move all-in and he snap-called, with the river a blank to give him the $5,550 pot. Blom’s overall lead was now only $2,351.

Over the next few hands, Gulcsik moved all-in on the turn with two pair and was called by Blom’s straight but he filled up on the river. A few minutes later, Gulcsik five-bet shoved preflop with Ah-Jd and Blom called with As-Kd, only to have a jack hit on the river.

Blom then decided to show more of a willingness to gamble and ran well in a number of preflop all-ins. He called a six-bet shove with 8c-9c against Gulcsik’s Ah-Qs and spiked a 9 on the river to win a $4,720 pot. He then called a four-bet shove with Ah-7d against Gulcsik’s pocket eights and the 88s held up to win a $2,250 pot. Blom then stacked off with 3s-7s against Gulcsik’s As-Jd, and hit a miracle three on the river on a Kc-Kh-Qc-2c-3d board.

With about 500 hands remaining in the SuperStar Showdown challenge, Blom was up by about $5,000. But then things got crazy. Over the next 15 minutes, there were no less than 12 all-in pots, with around 9 preflop all-ins. Gulcsik had the best hand each time and won all but one of the preflop all-ins. Blom’s overall lead was cut to $2,466.

During the final 200 hands, the pace of the game slowed down dramatically since Gulcsik was tightening up a bit to preserve what he had left. After 2,500 hands, the fifth edition of the SuperStar Showdown ended in a draw, and Gulcsik collected the $14,990 that remained in his challenge bankroll.