Belgians Dominate EPT Snowfest Day 4

Kevin Vadersmissen

Image Credit: Neil Stoddart

Day 4 of the European Poker Tour Snowfest saw 24 players return to the felt at Alpine Palace Hotel in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. With all of the remaining players making the money, each player is guaranteed no less than €9,000 for their efforts.

The chip leader heading into Day 4 was the Italian player, Giacomo Maisto, who started the day with 1,548,000. However, Maisto’s stack seemed to be on a downward trend all day long, but he still managed to make it to the final table with 986,000 chips.

But it was another Italian player who was first to get eliminated on Day 4. Alessandro Speranza had his aces cracked against Philip Meulyzer’s jacks that resulted in quad jacks by the time it got to the river to send the Italian home.

Belgian player Kevin Vandersmissen had a strong performance on Day 4, managing to flop monster hands and bluffing at the right times. In one hand he flopped a set of nines on a Ac-Kd-9d board against Ruxandescu’s Qd-Tc to win a massive pot that put him up to 3,400,000 in chips at that point.

Later on during the day, he also pulled off a triple-barrel bluff against Martins Adeniya. Vandersmissen opened from early position, and Adeniya who was in the big blind made the call. The flop came down 8d-Qd-Jh, Adeniya checked called the 43,000 bet on the flop. The 8s on the turn and it was check called again for a more substantial bet, this time for 94,000. Adeniya then checked the Td on the river only to see Vandersmissen bet 195,000. This sent Adeniya into the tank for several minutes before he finally decided to fold. Vandersmissen then showed 6s-5s for a complete bluff.

When Cristian Tardea was eliminated in 10th place, the final table was reached. After 30 minutes of nine handed play Manilo Iemina committed his remaining 412,000 chips with pocket fours but unfortunately for him he ran into Philip Meulyzer’s aces. The eight final table members, which include three Belgian players, will all return to the felt on Friday to determine the EPT Snowfest winner.

The starting chip counts of the final table are as follows:

Seat 1: Kevin Vadersmissen – 4,512,000
Seat 2: Giacomo Maisto – 986,000
Seat 3: Vladimir Geshkenbein – 1,678,000
Seat 4: Philip Meulyzer – 1,758,000
Seat 5: Denis Murphy – 997,000
Seat 6: Morten Mortensen – 740,000
Seat 7: Cristian Dragomir – 2,293,000
Seat 8: Koen De Visscher – 1,543,000