Bdbeatslayer Wins 5th Anniversary Sunday Million

PokerStars Sunday MillionLast year, PokerStars Sunday Million’s event to celebrate 40 billion hands dealt on the site created a record-breaking prize pool of over $7 million with $1.1 million going to the eventual winner.

On Sunday, PokerStars set up another anniversary tournament to celebrate five years of Sunday Million events. This time, the Sunday Million 5th Anniversary created a massive prize pool of $11,825,600.00, with 59,128 players entering the tournament.

As you can imagine, with the enormous field there were bound to be some disappointed players. Many tried but could not make it to the money bubble, with only 7,450 players making the money.

Team PokerStars Liv Boeree was the first to make it past the bubble, with her run ending in 7244th place. The final Team PokerStars Pro left standing was Gualter Salles from Brazil, eventually exiting the Sunday Millions in 84th place.

Once the action got to the final table, the first big pot to develop was when zeurrr moved all-in preflop for just over 23 million chips, Jan10004 also shoved all-in and sheppyshape did the same. When everyone showed their cards in the three-way all-in, sheppyshape showed A-K, Jan10004 had pocket tens, and zeurrr had pocket eights. The 8s on the river pushed the main pot to zeurrr with a set and the side pot went to sheppyshape. Jan10004 finished in eighth place for $311,023.33.

Just a few hands later, nhar818 moved all-in preflop with A-T, but wrzr123 three-bet with A-J. The board came down 2h-3d-5d-Qd-Kc, which sent nhar818 to the rail in seventh place for $441,541.06.

Next Guccyka doubled up through zeurrr, and zeurrr was forced to shove all-in for more then 36 million chips with A-J, however wrzr123 called with pocket kings. Although there was a jack on the flop, Zeurrr didn’t improve and he departed in sixth place for $518,402.33.

Sheppyshape then doubled up though Syndrome1977 which forced Syndrome1977 to move all-in with just T-5. Wrzr123 had a hand with A-8 and called, making a full house on the river to eliminate Syndrome1977 in fifth place for $799,842.09.

The double-ups began to happen more frequently and Guccyka eventually made a move with Jc-7c but was called by Sheppyshape with Ac-Qs, and the best hand held up. Guccyka was sent to the rail in fourth place for $411,090.13.

Wrzr123 then called Bdbeatslayer’s all-in with A-9 and Bdbeatslayer had the worst of it with A-8, But the board run out T-8-3-4-6, and wrzr123 was knocked out in third place for $844,209.87.

So the heads-up match was between sheppyshape with 175,109,253 in chips and Bdbeatslayer with 416,170,747 in chips. With the Lambo on the line there was a lot riding on the outcome.

For the first 20 minutes there wasn’t much splitting them. Eventually sheppyshape moved all-in preflop with pocket sevens, but it just so happened that Bdbeatslayer had pocket nines. The board didn’t improve either player’s hands, and that was enough to bring a conclusion to the tournament, with sheppyshape taking home $465,647.02 for second place. For the victory, Luke “Bdbeatslayer” Vrabel collected $671,093.81 and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

The results for final table of the Sunday Million 5th Anniversary were as follows:

1st place: Luke “Bdbeatslayer” Vrabel ($671,093.81 & Lamborghini Gallardo)
2nd place: sheppyshape ($465,647.02)
3rd place: wrzr123 ($844,209.87)
4th place: guccyka ($411,090.13)
5th place: Syndrome1977 ($799,842.09)
6th place: zeurrr ($518,402.33)
7th place: nhar818 ($441,541.06)
8th place: Jan10004 ($311,023.33)
9th place: Battmeister ($263,888.06)