Ausmus Leads The Big Event After Day 4

Jeremy AusmusOn Wednesday, Day 4 of The Big Event Main Event saw just 22 players return to the felt at The Bicycle Casino. It was a short day with the final table reached after just five hours. Jeremy Ausmus finished up out in front with a commanding chip lead with over 4 million at the end of day’s play.

The first players to get eliminated on Day 4 were Mike Kucinski, Bryan Barrile, and Chris DeMaci. DeMaci was was the chip leader at the end of Day 1, that was until his big slick lost a big coin flip.

When Fab Gonzalez busted out with Q-T against his opponent’s aces the field was narrowed down to the final two tables.

Next to exit the tournament were Joe Gualteri and David Baker, both knocked out by the same player, Von Kriegenbergh, which sent his massive stack to over 2 million in chips at that point.

Jaime Kaplan and Romik Vartzar were then eliminated, respectively. One of the short stack players, David Peters, was getting desperate and shoved all-in on three consecutive hands. On the third all-in, his pocket eights were called by Field’s A-Q. Peters survived that hand but a short while after Wade Townsend shoved with J-2 from the small blind, and Peters snap-called with A-8 in the big blind. A jack on the flop wasn’t good news for Peters, and with no help on the turn or river he was sent to the rail.

Kamberis then exited in 12th place. He was down to 15 big blinds when his A-7 lost to David Paredes’ pocket queens.

A short while later, Townsend was sucked out losing to a three-outer to exit the tournament in 11th place, followed by James Dowdy’s elimination in 10th place, and the final nine was reached.

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin started Day 4 as the chip leader. He was very active throughout the day, it seemed like he was involved in every pot. By the end of the day, Ramdin finished up with 2,279,000 in chips and second place overall. Another Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem also had a good day, finishing up with 1,666,000.

Starting the day with just 12 big blinds, Ausmus earned himself a double up against Townsend, setting him up on the right path early on Day 4. In another hand, with just over 700,000 in chips he risked his tournament life with pocket jacks all-in preflop against von Kriegenbergh’s A-K. The board run out J-3-5-9-6 so the jacks held up, pushing Ausmus’ stack to over a million at that point.

On the final hand of Day 4, Paredes squeeze raised all-in with Q-J but Ausmus woke up with aces to knock out Paredes from the tournament. Ausmus finished the day with 4,008,000 in chips making him first place overall.