Andrew “Azntracker” Li Reaches Supernova Elite

Andrew “Azntracker” Li According to the PokerStars blog, a new speed record has been set with multi-table grinder Andrew “azntracker” Li completing “Supernova Elite” status in just two months.

On February 28th, Andrew “azntracker” Li attained SNE status surpassing George “Jorj95″ Lind’s record which was set in 2008 in the process. In addition to setting a new poker record, it also makes him the first player to reach Supernova Elite status in 2011.

For those who are unfamiliar,  “Supernova Elite” is the top VIP Club level at PokerStars, which is achieved when a player earns 1 million VIP Player Points in one year. Many players strive to reach the top level because its worth over $114,000 in cash bonuses and promotions to the players who can manage to achieve it. Many low stakes grinders would have a hard time wrapping their head around 1 million VPPs as it seems like such an impossible task.

After reaching SNE status, Li said:

“I am tremendously happy that I was able to accomplish this…I will most definitely relish many things I took for granted in the past. I will relish not having to play every single game that goes off. I will relish not having to play as soon as I wake up pretty much and not ending until after normal peoples’ dinner times.”

In the two month period, Andrew “azntracker” Li had played 50 out of 59 days, which comprised of 14,000 SNGs for an average of 280 games each day. It appeared as though playing the extra tables to achieve the Supernova Elite status had its drawbacks, however, since Li had an average ROI of just 0%.

“I will relish not having to constantly maintain 25+ tables, and sometimes accidentally creeping into the 40s. The most tables I was in during my session one time was something like 47, which is simply way too much for me to handle.” Li said.

The two month break even period included lots of $10 to $15k upswings and downswings nearly every session, and on some days losing 80-90% of games for hundreds of games.

However, the emotional roller coaster was all part of going for the speed record and Andrew “azntracker” Li’s lifetime ROI tells a very different story, with earnings of $240,809 at PokerStars after playing an incredible 83,387 SNGs with an average buy-in of $177.