Alex Manzano Leads LAPT Brazil After Day 2

Alex ManzanoOn Day 2 of the LAPT Brazil event in Sao Paulo, it was inevitable that all of the attention would be on Leandro Csome, who was the chip leader going into the second day. By the conclusion of Day 2, he was still one of the chip leaders with 959,000 in chips, however the chip leader honors had shifted to Alex Manzano, who grew his stack drastically in the later stages of the day.

For the five remaining Team Pros, they had varying success. Angel Guillen was knocked out with Qs-Js against his opponent’s Ac-7c. Nacho Barbero seemed to be making progress on Day 2 when things came to a brutal end due to a bad timed bluff against Joao Torres. In a 3-bet pot where Barbero 3-bet to 15,000 and Torres made the call, Barbero checked back a Ks-6s-2s flop, as did Torres. The turn came the 7d which didn’t change much and Barbero made a delayed cbet for 15,000. Torres quickly min-raised to 30,000 and Barbero shoved. Unfortunately for him, Torres snap-called with As-4s for the flopped nut flush. Barbero wanted to muck his card but revealed 6h-9h.

Maria “maridu” Mayrinck had a frustrating time of it on Day 1, and the same theme continued on Day 2, by picking up pocket kings and pocket aces in two mis-dealt hands. Mayrinck managed to chip up to roughly 100,000 in chips the first few levels of the day, but by the time the bubble came around, she was one of the shortest stacks with just 27,000 chips. She was almost resigned to being the bubble girl, but on another table, Diego Vilela shoved all-in for his remaining 35k chips with AJ. Rodrigo Garrido called him with pocket queens and hit a set on the flop, eliminating Vilela.

This meant that there was just 64 players remaining in the event, with all of them making the money and guaranteed at least R$9,570. A short while after the dinner break, Joao Neto became the chip leader in a very interesting hand. Neto with pocket kings ran into his opponent’s pocket aces. However, even though he had built a big pot before the flop with the worst of it, Neto hit a set on and his opponent’s hand didn’t improve, raking in a monster 875,000 pot. Neto maintained his healthy chip stack and will start Day 3 with 1,089,000 in chips.

The eventual chip leader at the end of Day 2, Alex Manzano, had no shortage of run good either. Manzano knocked out two players in the last hour of the day. In a good ole fashion coin flip situation where his pocket queens ran into ace-king, after an ace came in the door Manzano can be forgiven for accepting defeat, but a queen was the next card giving him a set. A few hands later, Manzano sent Joao Torres to the rail when he flopped a set and stacked his opponent with an over pair. Manzano will go into Day 3 with 1,189,000 in chips.